Buster Nastee and Claudio White

Another fresh week and welcome back to a new bearfilms scene here. Now you got to see the hot and sexy chubby guy Claudio in the past, playing with an older guy named Guy, but today he gets to be on the receiving end and as he plays with another dude called Buster Nastee, he gets to moan in pleasure as he takes it up the ass without delay here today. Anyway, let’s get the show started already as we bet that you are all eager to see this guy make an encore and enjoy the view of his sexy round ass jiggle as it gets pounded hard by some man meat too. So let’s get the bear films scene going and see Claudio taking it hard style today shall we?

buster-nastee-and-claudio-whiteThe guys get to play in that classy living room that always serves as the set for these fuck sesisons and it gets to be put to some great use for today as well. The hot chubby guy gets to blow some cock to make it rock hard and then gets to lay back and enjoy the special treatment. Nastee gets to go balls deep in that round ass right from the start and you just have to see him going to town on the guy. He makes the guy cum soon by giving him a prostate orgasm too. So anyway, we hope that you have had fun with this one and we’ll be back again soon with more new galleries for you too. Also check out the past scenes as well for even more nasty content or enter the http://angelescid.org site and see some big cocked shemales getting nailed!

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BearFilms – Marc and Zack

Hey there guys and gals, we’re back with a new bearfilms update and we bet that you will adore this one. There’s two stunningly hot hunks that get wild and nasty in this one and they are Marc and Zack. You got to see the two of them on separate occasions in the past, but we figured that we’d pair them together to see if sparks flew today and boy, did they. Strap yourselves in and get ready to watch one nasty fuck show with the two gay guys here at bearfilms and you can bet that you’ll have quite the kinky scene on your hands. But enough talk and let’s get to watch the two muscular and hairy bears fuck each other nice and hard today.

They were going to let no one stop them from having their fun and it really shows. They locked the door and they began to kiss and caress one another to get each other nice and excited for the next bit. And of course by that we mean that you get to see them making sure they get each other nice and hard for the anal fucking bit. The blonde bearded guy gets to take it in the ass from the other one with dark hair, so you get to see him relax a bit and lay on his back while his buddy spreads his legs and fucks him missionary style for the rest of the show. Enjoy it and see you next week with a special surprise! If you can’t wait until then, visit the http://peterfever.org/ site and see other horny gay men making out!


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Claudio White and Guy English

Well it’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. There’s a new bearfilms scene all ready for you to check out and we have a few more husky bears to show off in action as they get down and dirty with each other in front of everyone to see. So let’s get right into it and present this week’s studs that go by the names Claudio White for the mature guy and Guy English for the guy in his late twenties here today. The guys begin their lovely gay fuck here at bear films and you can bet that they will take their sweet time and they won’t stop until they will make each other cum all over. This makes their scene simply superb and you just have to check it out without delay!


Guy English is the one that needs to take the reins for this one and please the mature bear here, so that’s why first and foremost he gets that big cock sucked by the guy to make sure it’s standing at attention too. Then once that’s done, you can see the older guy Claudio get on top of him and ride his cock cowboy style on the couch. And they both cum at the same time too, shooting their loads all over one another at the end of their glorious and kinky scene here. We’ll be seeing you all next week with another new and fresh bear films gallery and more simply stunning gay fuck fests. Do make sure that you come by to check them out! Also you might enter the http://hazeltucker.net site and see some slutty trannies sucking cocks!

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BearFilms – Jean Paul and Bearsilien

We come back to you today with a great bearfilms scene to show off and two hot guys that get to party hard for your viewing pleasure. They are two hot bears by the names of Jean Paul and Bearsilien and they get to do lots of nasty stuff together. As you can see, there’s going to be some kinky S&M play as well here today and Bearsilien is going to be taking the reins of this little fuck for the afternoon. So with that being said, you now know that the horny guy Jean Paul is going to be the one getting the butt fucking in this one. See him bend over in the bear films scene here today and enjoy the superb anal fucking that he receives from the guy!


The two chubby hunks had quite a lot of fun for their scene this afternoon and they were more than happy to get to show it off for you all as they get to party hard. Like we mentioned, check out their S&M gear as well and watch as they start to get busy with one another right from the start of this whole show doing some good foreplay with lots of cock sucking and ass teasing too. By the end of it, you can watch the two guys making the bed creak as they get to fuck nice and hard too, just like the guys from Jason Sparks‘s blog! We hope that you will enjoy the scene with these two bears here and we’ll be back again next week once more with a brand new and fresh gallery update for you all! Bye!

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James Hardcore and Colt Cox

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and fresh bearfilms update. In this one the two main guys that get to party hard are James Hardcore and Colt Cox. One of them is the guy with the ginger beard and the other is the guy with the buzz cut and clean shave. The two will be engaging in one of the hottest fucks that you can ever see on camera and we bet that you will enjoy the show with it too. Anyway, let’s get this party started and see this glorious bear films scene go down with the two as they fuck all afternoon long in bed for today here. And we bet that you guys and gals are very very eager to see them play naughty too!


Just sit back and take a look at the two hairy guys getting wild and starting off with some cock sucking in a nice sixty nine session. The Ginger seems to be the one to get to mainly fuck the other stud so he gets his dick treated extra special here today by the older guy. Anyway, the ginger guy was soon ready to let the hunk ride on his big dick for the rest of the scene so watch the guy riding that hard cock cowboy style for the rest of the show. And what makes this have a happy end is that he lets the guy shoot his man juice inside that eager ass here today. We’ll see you again next time with another free and fresh content bear films update!

Take a look at these hairy guys banging one another!

BearFilms – Daemon and Kenny

In this week’s bearfilms scene you get to see an older guy get his ass worked nicely and there’s no way you can skip over this whole thing either. You can also see that the guy that’s banging him is a nice and sexy black stud too, so the guy was going to get some chocolate cock in his ass today. Anyway, the name of the black stud is Daemon and the white old guy is Kenny. Well prepare for this glorious bear films update here as today you get to see old man Kenny getting his ass destroyed by a nice and big black cock for the whole afternoon. And the best part of it is, that you all have front row seats to see it all go down without delay today!

That black leather couch was quite inviting and expectant of the two to get down and dirty on it and it just makes everything that much more sensual anyway. The white guy and the ebony stud got ready and in position and we do have to say that you simply must see Kenny sucking that dick hard and passionately to make sure that it’s like diamonds for his ass today. We’ll be coming back soon once again with another new show for you and meanwhile we hope that you will get entertained by this nasty fuck fest today. We’ll be seeing you soon like we said and you can count on some more truly amazing and hot galleries too next time!


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Lanz Adams and Dalton Hawg

Today’s new and fresh bearfilms scene is here and it’s all ready for you guys and gals to check out too. The stars of this afternoon passionate sex session are Lanz Adams, who gets to take it in the ass today and his friend Dalton Hawg, a stud with a nice and big cock that will be stretching out Lanz’s ass for the afternoon. You get to see the two of them also getting to play outdoors today and they have quite the fun together too. We bet that you will pretty much adore what they get to do so let’s start off the scene without delay and enjoy another bear films scene with two hot studs that get to go down and dirty with each other today!


The hairy guy Lanz gets to undress himself and his friend quite fast in anticipation of what’s going to happen next and with that you can see them getting all touchy feely with one another’s bodies, but Lanz has better plans after that. He does down on his knees and sucks Hawg off to make sure he’s hard for his ass and the guy repays him with some anal rimming to prepare that ass for a nice and hard dicking this afternoon at the hands of his big dick as it were. Anyway, watch the sexy and hairy guy Lanz moan loud as he gets his ass penetrated today and we’ll be back soon with another bear films update for you! Goodbye until then!

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BearFilms – Cameron Nelson and Pocketcub

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new bearfilms scene here this afternoon, featuring Cameron Nelson and his fuck buddy for the afternoon Pocketcub. Cub gets his nickname from the fact that he’s still mostly new to this group of guys so he usually ends up on the receiving end of the stud’s cocks too. It’s not like he minds the whole business either as he just adores to get to have a nice and big cock up his ass any day of the week too. So let’s get to watch him and Cameron play naughty this afternoon bear films scene and you will get to see the two hunks having quite the passionate fuck for you all to see and the cameras to shoot too!

By the looks of it, the two wanted to play in the back yard too and you can see them putting that picnic table to some great use today as they get to lay a sheet on it and Cub gets to lay back and spread his legs. He does get his dick sucked a bit by the guy to make sure that he gets pleased as well and after that he eagerly takes it balls deep in his ass missionary style. Well, do enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure while he gets himself a balls deep dicking from the guy today and we’ll be seeing you all next week with another new bearfilms scene. Just be sure to come around and check it out if you want to enjoy the sight of more gay studs partying hard! For more videos like this, visit the http://kristenbjorn.net/ site and watch some starved dudes swallowing big loads if warm cum!


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Teddy Torres and Alessio Romer

Hey there guys, welcome back to all new and all fresh bearfilms scenes this week with more amazing guys getting kinky for you all to see today. Th two studs in this one are Teddy Torres and Alession Romer. They plan on having a nice and hard style fuck this afternoon and you can check it out in this glorious and sexy gallery here today. Let’s get to see two hot and hairy muscled bears as they get around to put on quite the sensual and sexy looking show for everyone to see here today too. This bear films scene is one that you most definitely don’t want to miss and the guys that take part in this steamy gay fuck know how to play kinky with each other!


As soon as we get started the two studs are all ready to party and it seems that they end up playing in the living room on the couch and on the little coffee table they have there. Clothes fly off quick as they need to get each other naked and you can see them going right for it. The guys do get to suck each other off to get those cocks nice and hard though. They want to make sure that everything is nice and right for the next bit that they get to do. And of course that is some pretty hard and sensual anal fucking as well. Take your time to see them fuck hard style in the living room and see you all soon with another new scene and more eager bear films!

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BearFilms – A Cumpilation

A cumpilation is the best title for this hot bearfilms scene here. This gallery has you checking out hot bears as they get nasty and naughty and you can bet that there’s plenty that goes on in it as well. Let’s get the whole thing started and watch closely as this scene begins with a solo scene and a guy showing off how he likes to work his nice and big cock for you all and the cameras. and that only ends when he gets to shoot his load all over himself too. Anyway, you will get to watch much much more go down in this scene here for today so let’s just get the cameras rolling and watch some juicy bear films action today shall we everyone?

So like we said, this guy isn’t the only one to actually get to do nasty stuff. You also get to see some horny couples fucking as well. And that’s 4 more extra action scenes to be precise. The guys there get to fuck on a swing, in a cage, with lots ob bondage gear and just flat out hard style on the bed as well. So anyway, we hope that you will have fun with this whole thing and we’ll see you again next week with another new and glorious little gallery. Until then enjoy this and the guy that gets to wank off nice and hard for you all too. Like the guys from the FraternityX site, this hot guy is crazy about swallowing big loads of cum! We’ll be sure to bring you even more smoking hot and kinky gay bearfilms scenes too, so make sure that you drop by to check them out!


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