BearFilms – Ender Voltair & Nate Pierce

Last updated: May 24th, 2017
I love a good cigar and the company of a good friend. In this latest bearfilms we get Nate and Ender who are up for some serious nasty play. After a sexy foreplay, playing with the cigar and making Edgar all hard and horny, it was time to get to the serious business. Ender got down on his knees and sucked his friend’s cock like it was a candy. Then it was Nate’s turn to please his friend. And so he turned Ender on his belly and fucked him until he came all over the place.

The two are crazy about rough military classified sex games, so they are having this hot leather costumes and some balls rings too. After each one rubs his cock, they will join each other and one of the hottest and naughtiest scene will com out. Watch the two bending or forcing their way thru. I love that fact that they go rough like a real man will always do and also they go balls deep inside, only for your viewing delight. I’m sure this free video will make your cock popping a nice boner on the two bears. The great ending will be simply amazing as the two will have their hairy butt or face sprayed with the nasty jizz. Hit that link and enjoy the entire episode.

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BearFilms – Craig Knight & Russ Michaels

There is nothing better than an after work drink with your colleague. The result of their meeting is now up for you at They took their time to get to know one another, starting with some sensual kissing, feeling and touching one another. Once they were all hard and horny they just couldn’t hold it any longer and they ass fucked one another until both their asses were ripped apart. But they kept the best for last, cause they took turn sucking on one another. Don’t miss them at bear films.
As you will see, the two are doing one amazing couple and we are glad that we had them on camera. Craig is fucking like a real bear while Russ love to offer his every hole to him. After Russ gagged his tight throat a little on that hard piece of meat, he spread his legs and Craig forced his way thru, deep into his ass, showing no mercy right after and fucking his hard and fast for your viewing delight. As Craig finishes his job, is Russ’s turn to have his balls exploding, so that bear will stroke his cock and will have it sucked until he can’t manage anymore and spray his nasty jizz all over Craig’s hairy face. For similar videos check out the site and see other hot gay guys getting screwed!


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Bear Films – Latin Wolf and Latin Bori

One of the best ways to get a promotion at work is to kiss your boss’s ass. That’s for sure! But in this latest Bear Films, Wolf decided to literary ass kiss his boss. He started with a nasty blow job, making his boss all hard and horny, just the way we like it here at He licked and sucked like it was a candy, until he got the feel his boss’s jiiz all over his Cuban face. But he really wanted that promotion, and so he got his tight ass ripped apart as his boss was humping him. If you’re into guys in uniform check out military classified and you wont regret it.

Anyway, as we decided to bring you some real businesses to entertain you tonight, you should simply hit that link bellow and enjoy the horny stud over there enjoying some quality time together. Wolf did this smart thing with his bass as he sucked on that hard cock of his, then bended down for some ass stretching. So that Cuban enjoyed a nice face and ass penetration and also got a promotion for that. Watch his deepthroating the massive cock, then spreading the buttocks for that hard piece of meat he just sucked. Enjoy the entire scene on our website! And be back for some fresh content next week. Have fun till then!


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Palm Springs Four Way

In this latest bear films, we bring to you four horny guys who were up in the mountains for a training, and decided to have some sexy fun. These guys took turn cock sucking one another, making themselves feel good and hard, just about perfect to take it to the next level.This meant a lot of hard ass fucking, going as deep as possible, making one another feel good and cum all over the place. Take your time and see these guys getting their asses roughly hammered!

You will find four horny bears sucking and fucking all over that room. Each one has this hairy chest and curvy body. They are different ages, but all of them are craving after some fresh meat all the time and that is very clear from the review of this video. A crazy hot foursome where all the holes were spread and stuffed. Watch the four starting by sucking on each other’s cock, licking the hairy sweaty balls and the tight hairy assholes. then forcing their way thru. As I said, each one will receive some ass stretching or throat gagging. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, visit the blog and see other hot gay guys fucking! Just take a look at them and see exactly what I’m talking about!


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Bear Films – Alex Powers, Brock Lucas and Marco Bolt

When you put in the same room three hot good looking hairy boyz,the result is brand new Bear Films. And this one has all the right ingredients to make you sweat and grieve for some more.They suck, they lick and they ass fuck one another like it is the last day on earth, here at . And they kept on going the entire night, making one another feel good and cum all over the place, having a taste of they cum and then starting all again.

So let’s watch this great bear threesome scene where three horny hairy bear are tasting each other’s delicious asshole, then bend for some hard piece of meat which will stretch those buttholes to maximum. The mature dudes are exactly what you needed in this night. So let’s make comfortable and let’s see what the three are capable of. One thing is sure: none will leave the threesome without throat gagged or ass stretched. As you can see, they are exactly what we were looking for, different ages and same appetite for sucking and fucking. Alex is the youngest Brock will be a little more mature while Marco is that father figure which complete the scene. Just enjoy!


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BearFilms – Rock Ramsey and Steve King

There is nothing better than two guys deciding to go camping and then getting lost in the middle of the nature. And what do you do when are out in the woods, all alone and freezing to death? You make a brand new BearFilms. These guys were very quick to take their cloths off, only that it was not to get warmer. They started kissing and licking one another, until they were both horny and hard, ready for some action. And action it was. They took turn ass fucking one another, cock sucking until they both had a taste of their delicious insides. Check them out Bear Films. 

Only by following the link bellow you will find a nice collection of horny bears stretching each other’s holes. Like Rock and Steve over here. These inked dudes took off their clothes in front of the camera and started to get to serious businesses, sucking cock and balls then taking the hard piece of meat into their asses. Steve will simply scream of pleasure while his buddy Rock is forcing his cock into that nice hairy asshole. Watch and drool or enter the site if you wanna see some cum hungry Czech guys getting ass fucked!


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Gus Ericson and Dereck Roberts at Bear Films

Dereck and Gus were hired to put up a wedding tent, but they got lost while they were preparing to make a brand new Bear Films. Both of these gay old hunks didn’t waste any time with silly foreplay, and Gus made poor Dereck get down on his knees and get down on his huge cock, just the way we like it here at He really crammed his cock deep into his mouth, and did not stop until was sure that Dereck got a taste of his friend’s cum all over his pretty face.

If you want to enjoy some real action starring real men, watch the two sucking and fucking on camera. trust me, you won’t be disappointed by the performing. These two old hunks know how to do things right and will get straight to action with no delays. We all know that Dereck prefers hairy cock and holes and this bear found the perfect partner. Just watch the horny gay couple doing their thing for your viewing delight and cum back for fresh content next week. Have fun with these two!


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John Thomas bearfilms

Lee was a naught boy, and so his friend John decided to teach him a lesson, which quickly became a John Thomas bearfilms mature gay porn video. He didn’t waste any time with getting him hard, he just turned him at his back and crammed his huge dick deep into Lee’s tight ass. Just watch the two fucking and taking some nasty cream all over their hairy butts in the end.

As I said, John wanted to make sure his feel him going deeper and deeper, just the way we do it here at bear Poor Lee couldn’t hold in any longer and started screaming and moaning of pleasure. Watch that horny bear fucking his best buddy deep into his tight ass, stretching his ass hole to maximum and filling up that nice hairy as cave with his creamy cum. Dribble of that cum will run down his hairy asshole for the great ending. Do not miss that amazing part. Just cum inside and enjoy the two and entire episode. Hit that link bellow and also stay tuned for fresh content as we will be back next week.

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BearFilms – Buzz Steele and Stefan Dupuis

There is no better way to cool off on a hot sunny day then to lock up with your toy boy in the room and get all naked and frisky. And in this latest BearFilms we have plenty of that. Today these horsecocked straight guys are very horny so Stefan did not waste any time and made his friend suck his cock like it was a delicious ice cream. And a hard one at that. He made sure his friend even got a taste of his hard work. But Stefan wanted all he could get and he sure got a lot of his friend’s tight ass, as he fucked the shit of out of him. Do not miss them enjoying a nice afternoon together.

So if you follow the link bellow you will find a the entire scene. Just watch the two bears fucking each other hairy holes and receiving some creamy cum all over their beards. The two will choke first on each other’s cock, then will get down to some serious business. just take a look at Stefan shoving his entire cock into his buddy eager’s mouth and pushing down his head on that hard fucking tool. I’m sure the great end will entertain you even more. These hairy dudes will end getting their beard covered in jizz! If you wanna see other sexy gay guys sucking cocks, you can watch some cmnm pics!


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BearFilms – Boswell Bear, Bud Stiffy and Budd Lawson

These tow guys are really something else. They got together on a lovely afternoon for some barbeque, but the hot sun made them take their cloths off. It didn’t take them long to make the new  BearFilms. They jumped all kind of silly games to get to know one another, and got some mature gay action. Bear ass finger fucked his friend until he could barely breath and cum all over the place. Just watch and drool.

As you might see, the two are having these massive hot bodies with lots of hair all over their chest. Bud always loved big hairy nuts and he enjoyed a lot Budd Lawson hole. Just watch him checking it out and spreading those tow buttocks for his hard cock. He will show no mercy for the hole and will shove his throbbing cock deep inside after he fingered a little the hole. And that was not all. But for more you have to check Bear Films. You will find there a nice collection with the two bears and their fucking moves, only by following the link bellow.Until next time, I will leave you in their company now. Have fun!

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