Marko and Viktor

Another great week has passed and Marko and Viktor are here to keep you company. If you think you do not need company, just take a look at these two and their great way to spend the time together. They sure know how to take care of one hard cock and will have this incredible performing and both bears were horny and ready for some hardcore action. Viktor Karmen will be the one who breaks the ice by going down on his buddy and Marko will repay him with a nice doggy fuck.

Marko Bulto and Viktor Karmen

So it seems like the two don’t wanna lose anytime and will get straight to serious businesses. Viktor is taking off the clothes and starts to kiss his buddy. The hairy hunk is gonna grab his cock and will put it straight between his lips. Watch him gagging his throat on the hard tool and also massaging the balls. He also wants to make his buddy is ready for the anal penetration, so the bear will lick on the hairy asshole, making it all wet and ready for his cock. Watch that horny man stuffing his cock into that tight ass, making that big man moaning loudly for our viewing delight. The two will not stop until each one is loading the cum all over his partner’s hairy body. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you, cum inside and enjoy the entire scene. You will find there one amazing video with Marko and Viktor and an incredible collection starring our horny bears. Just hit the link bellow and enjoy!

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Davie Bear and Cooper Part 2

We are back again here on bear films and Davie and Cooper are also back. The horny guys came around with another amazing gay fuck as they had this wonderful time together last time. The bears promised a second round and here they are. Just make yourself comfortable because your favorite bear stars are here and they are ready to keep you awake the entire night with that amazing fucking session.

As you will see, this time Cooper is the one who starts everything, being all over his buddy as the camera starts to roll. That hairy bear will wash his cock good after taking off the shirt. One huge hairy chest will be exposed for your viewing delight. The hairy balls are also treated well as Cooper will suck on them, as well. Watch the hungry bear gagging his throat right before riding that washed cock. He will hop on top and will ride the hard cock, moving like no other. You simply cannot miss these two. They will show us how real man are having real fun together. I guarantee you will enjoy Cooper and his hairy face sprayed with the nasty jizz for the great ending. Davie will spray the jizz all over him as Cooper wanted to suck once again on the cock. Just watch and drool, everyone. And be here next time for fresh content!

Davie Bear and Cooper Hill

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Marc Angelo and Steve Ellis

It’s Marc Angelo and Steve Ellis’s turn to be the star in our bearfilms. The two bears enjoyed this incredible fucking session on our cameras and we are glad we caught them for your weekly entertaining. So the two sucked each other’s off and took one serious amount of semen all over them for the great ending. I know that you are eager to enjoy the entire scene, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see exactly what they have for us. As far as I know, Steve is no angel and always did some nasty hot things while having sex, so you might not wanna miss this.

Marc Angelo Tops Steve Ellis 

Marc is first who goes down, stuffing his eager mouth with Steve’s fat cock. Watch him licking the top of that cock and stimulating him by touching that pierce with his tongue. That hairy bear licked the fucking tool all the way to the balls, washing it well and gagging the throat, as well. His buddy will repay his generosity by taking the cock between the lips, as well. Right after Steve sucked on the balls a little or licked Marc’s hairy butthole, he went deepthroat for our viewing delight. Watch him chocking on the fat tool, then bending that chubby man and fucking his asshole like this is his last day on Earth. The two sure won’t do things easily, making everything like real men and showing no mercy for each other. That is the way we actually prefer. So let’s not waste anymore time in chit-chating and let’s watch these two sucking and fucking like this is the last day on Earth. I will let you enjoying them and I hope you’ll be here next week for fresh content. Have fun, you little perverts!

Take a look at these hairy bears sucking each other off!

Gunner Scot’s Bear Fuck

Hi there! Bearfilms brought you some amazing fresh scene starring two chubby bears who will fuck each other’s ass senseless. Watch Gunner Scot and his new beach fucking in this hotel room during his holiday. He picked up this horny dude into this gay bar and tonight he enjoy a small piece of his ass. Just make sure you are comfortable and watch these two fucking like this is their last day on Earth.  Also, get ready to drool all over their hot naked bodies as the two are losing the clothes in no time after the cameras started to roll.

So horny Gunner fucked his buddy hard and rough tonight. This scene is a very representative one for us, so we truly hope you will enjoy that crazy horny bear fucking his new partner deep inside his butthole after he liked that hole eagerly, washing the hairy ass for our viewing delight. The throbbing cock will be sucked by that male slut who will choke a little on Gunner’s cock for your viewing delight. Watch the crazy stud fucking his partner on doggy style, making him moaning in both pleasure and pain.  After stretching his butthole to maximum, Gunner load his nasty warm jizz all over those big hairy buttocks and we managed to give you one amazing close-up with that nice hairy ass. This one is one a hell. Just hit that link bellow for the entire episode and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Gunner Scott 

Take a look at these hairy hunks nailing their asses!

Davie and Cooper Hill

Cooper is back and the horny bear engage in another gay fuck with hot Davie. The two are ready to show us a little about how real bears actually fuck. Watch horny Davie riding Cooper’s hard cock after his ass was washed and licked by Cooper’s talented mouth. So the two will be your company tonight, that’s why I want you to be comfortable and ready for them. Grab a seat and watch Davie starting by sucking on Cooper’s cock and enjoy the entire scene which ends with these two covered with nasty jizz. I guarantee they totally deserve your time.

You already know that Cooper is one of a hell and his scenes always had this great success. You guys asked for more and he was glad to give us more. That hairy bear had this great talent when it comes to fucking hairy holes and any guy would be lucky to have his attention. Anyway, Davie here was curious about his cock, so he started the hot scene by sucking on it like this was his last day on Earth. Watch him sucking and slurping, then having his hairy ass washed by Cooper. That bear will make sure the hole is wet as he prefer before sliding his fucking tool inside. It seems like Davie loves riding and Cooper loves being ridden. The two are great together and we are waiting for fresh content. Be here next week for that. Enjoy till then!

Davie And Cooper Hill 

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Daddy Fuck Bear

Hello, people! One horny daddy and a younger stud are going to be your company tonight. The two will show us a little about hot real bear man are fucking each other and what a gay fucking actually means. The horny daddy will have his cock washed by a younger stud, then he’ll fuck his younger ass for our viewing pleasure. Just grab a seat and watch the two fucking and sucking like bears, then loading their nasty jizz all over those hairy naked bodies, dribble of cum running down their hairy chest or ass.

Daddy Fuck Bear 

That lucky daddy will receive some attention from his partner as the hairy bear wastes no time with prelude or some other bullshits. He will take off the clothes and will drop on his knees to grab the daddy’s cock and to taste it a little. He was eager to feel it down his throat. Watch him sucking and slurping, washing it good right before hoping on top for some anal fucking. The stud rode that cock like there’s no tomorrow, then he got his cock washed, as well. Naughty daddy wrapped his talented lips around that younger cock and sucked it hard and fast until one warm load of cum came out exploding and sprayed the daddy’s chin. The cu is running down his hairy chest. Do not miss that incredible part. Just cum inside and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Check out these horny daddies sucking each other’s cock!

Cooper Hill and Steve Brody

Hello there, you little perverts and welcome back! It was one wonderful week and we are glad your back for our bearfilms. These two are back on screens and this time will go hard on each other. The horny bears are ready to stuff their asses and their mouths with each other’s hard tool, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see how their hairy holes are stretched for your viewing delight.

Cooper Hill and Steve Brody are two horny studs who were here before with some other incredible scenes, but never together. This is their first experience together and we are glad we caught them on our cameras as they did just fine. Cooper always loved shoving his throbbing cock into all kind of holes and Steve’s butthole was exactly what he eagerly wanted tonight. That crazy hairy stud bend his partner and stretched his tight ass to maximum, showing no mercy. But Steve enjoyed it so as he likes being roughly fucked from behind. He confessed that prefers real man who will not treat him like a little babe. He wants it rough and tonight he got it. Bear Cooper fucked that daddy looking man like this is his last day on Earth right after Steve washed his cock well. The hungry daddy swallowed that cock, gagging his throat right before bending for some ass penetration.  Hit the link bellow and watch the two sucking and fucking as you will find there the entire episode. If you are curious about how Steve will fuck his buddy, cum inside our website. See ya all next time with some fresh content and until then I’ll leave you all in their company. Have fun!

Cooper Hill and Steve Brody 

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Cooper Hill and Marc Angelo

Another great week and we are back with some fresh scene as these two big men thought that it might be a good ides to enjoy their gay fuck on the cameras. Well, for me was a brilliant one, if you ask, but now I will let you decide if their performing deserves going online or not. One thing is sure: the two love cock more than anything and know how to take care of a hard one. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy them doing their thing for you.

We are talking here about Cooper Hill and Marc Angelo, two hairy bears with this great appetite for cocks and hairy chests. They got the chance to record themselves while having sex and what it came out was simply amazing. Watch the two washing their cocks with the talented tongues or stretching each other’s tight butt while moaning. Cooper was eager to take Marc’s dick between his lips, so he got down to business from the moment that bear took off the clothes. The two wasted no time with the prelude and got straight to action. Watch massaging the balls while stretching the throat or spreading the hairy buttocks with the palms for receiving some hardcore anal penetrations. Hungry Cooper swallowed every inch of that cock and rubbed it fast for our viewing delight,so that the great finale to present him with that hairy face moisturized with Marc’s dripping jizz. Enjoy, you little perverts!

Cooper Hill & Marc Angelo 

See these horny bears jerking one another’s cock!

Clif London and TJ Brown

Hello, people and welcome back! Tonight is Clif London and TJ Brown’s turn to be the stars for our bear films. The two hairy daddies stretched each other’s holes and we caught them on our cameras for you. This one is a special one and we totally wanted to repay you for the loyalty. So without any due dates, have a seat and enjoy Clif and TJ Brown sucking and fucking for your viewing delight.

Clif London and TJ Brown

The two inked bears were pretty eager to start the action, so you will see them losing no time with undressing. These big men will lose their clothes in no time and two hairy big naked bodies will be all over the camera for your viewing delight. Hungry Clif will gag his throat on TJ’s fat cock, slurping and sucking like there’s no tomorrow, then he’ll lick his ass, as well. He loves that taste on his tongue and will shove his hard tool into that hole after washing it well. Just make yourself comfortable and watch him stretching TJ’s tight ass, making him roaring like a real bear. That horny man will spread the legs and the buttocks wide open and will take that fucking tool deep inside as he really needed the great scratching to the deep itching he was feeling lately deep inside his hairy ass. Well, the bear found the perfect stud for that and he won’t stop until TJ’s hairy ass will be sprayed with his nasty jizz. Hit the link bellow for more and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

See these hairy daddies nailing their buttholes!

Chubby Hairy Bears

Hi there! Bearfilms brought you once again one amazing chubby hairy pair which will give you a nice boner once they start the great performing. The two sure love the taste of hairy hard cock  down their tongue and know how to enjoy one amazing gay fuck, so we caught them on our cameras as they sucked on each other’s cock, then took the cock they just sucked down their butthole. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you, stick around and see exactly what happened.

So the hairy bear down there gets milked dry by a younger stud who loves that sour taste of mature cock down his tongue and will lick it’s every inch tonight. Watch him taking it all down his throat while the other on is enjoying those incredible blowing skills. Any guy would be lucky to receive some attention from his cock. After he washed the tool as well as possible, that hungry stud bend for some anal session. Watch the bear fucking his hairy butt like that is the last day on Earth. That eager ass needed some serious penetration deep inside and the talented sucker found the perfect stud for this, that hairy bear showing no mercy for that tight hole. Just cum inside and see exactly what I’m talking about. Enjoy the entire scene and be here for fresh content next week.

Chubby Hairy Bears 

Check out these chubby bears blowing one another!

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